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  • The Daguerreian Annual 2002-2003 (softcover)

The Daguerreian Annual 2002-2003 (softcover)

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The official yearbook of the Daguerreian Society for 2002-2003. Price includes shipping in the USA. For international orders, contact for a quote. TABLE OF CONTENTS My First Twelve Months as a Daguerreotypist — David G. Burder On Not Quite Reuniting a Grand Parlor Stereoscope Pair — Kenneth E. Nelson Sally Hewes, Female Daguerreotypist — Sarah J. Weatherwax The John Brown Daguerreotypes: A leader uses his likeness for remembrance and promotion — Jean Libby Southern Faces: Daguerreotypes in the Kenan Research Center Collections at the Atlanta History Center — Michael Rose Dentists, Teachers & Milliners: The First Daguerreotypists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Thomas M. Weprich Our Annual Portfolio: Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes A Tale of Two Daguerreotypes — Joe Bauman Whipple’s Dissolving Views A talk delivered at the Daguerreian Society Symposium — Sally Pierce Charles DeForest Fredricks: A Latin-American Adventure — Miguel Angel Cuarterolo The History of the Daguerreotype in Brazil — Sylvie Pénichon Secrets of the White Chamber — Bates Lowry General Summary of the Daguerreotype — A selection by M.-A. Gaudin, Translated by Stephen Monteiro The Physautotype: The World’s Second Photographic Process — Jean-Louis Marigner Complete Table of Contents:

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