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A Survey of Daguerreian Literature, by John Wood

from The Daguerreian Annual 1991

The annotated bibliography I prepared for The Daguerreotype: A Sesquicentennial Celebration was, as I admitted, not a scholarly production but more of a reading and looking list for people interested in learning about the daguerreotype and seeing as many reproductions as possible; however, the large number of publications on daguerreotypy in the past two years quickly put it out of date. This survey, therefore, is an update but with an added scholarly dimension.

Though more "scholarly" than the previous one, this by no means purports to be that seriously needed scholarly tool, the annotated bibliography of daguerreian literature. Such a work would be of great service to art, photographic, and social historians. It would also be an ideal project for a doctoral candidate in one of several fields. The literature of the daguerreotype, though considerable, is by no means extensive, and such a project is still within the capacity of a single individual.

For the present, the researcher must make do without such a bibliography by consulting a variety of sources: Richard Rudisill's excellent annotated bibliography of daguerreian literature in Mirror Image (see below); Laurent Rosens' and Luc Salu's History of Photography: A Bibliography of Books(London & New York, 1989) with some 11,000 entries; the original and then the second revised edition of Frank Heidtmann's Bibliographie der Photographie deutsch-sprachige Publikationen der Jahre 1839-1984 (Munich, 1989), containing nearly 25,000 entries; Albert Boni's Photographic Literature: An International Bibliographic Guide (New York, 1962); Robert Sennett's Photography and Photographers to 1900: An Annotated Bibliography (New York, 1985); William S. Johnson's Nineteenth-Century Photography: An Annotated Bibliography 1839-1879 (Boston, 1990); M. Susan Barger's Bibliography of Photographic Processes in Use before 1880: Their Materials, Processing, and Conservation(Rochester, 1980); Gary Edwards' International Guide to Nineteenth-Century Photographers and their Works: Based on Catalogs of Photographic Dealers and Auction Houses (Boston, 1988); the annual indices to History of Photography; Michael Pritchard's The Photographic Collector: A Cumulated Index, 1980-1985 (Bushey, Hertfordshire, 1988); the various bibliographies in the standard books on the daguerreotype; and the information on daguerreotypy in the various national histories of photography, such as Lee Fontanella's La historia de la Fotografia en Espana, Bjorn Ochsner's Fotografiet i Danmark 1840-1940 or Jan Coppens' Een camera vol stilte: Nederland in het begin van de fotografie, 1839-1875, and so forth.

In that earlier bibliography I had only included titles available in most libraries or through most any library's inter-library loan service. I had, therefore, excluded nineteenth century texts, articles appearing in journals, and rare, difficult to obtain volumes. I have now added a good many such works, while excluding the standard, general histories of photography and most of those secondary sources I'd originally cited often only for the sake of a single fascinating image, in the hope that this survey will be of greater use to the scholar than the previous one but still serve as a helpful reading and looking list for the passionate amateur.

I. General Studies

II. The American Daguerreotype

III. The French Daguerreotype

IV. The German and Austrian Daguerreotype

V. The Daguerreotype in Other Countries

VI. The Contemporary Daguerreotype

VII. Collections of Images and Assorted Topics

VIII. Daguerreian Case Art

Wood: General Studies

Barger, M. Susan, and William B. White. The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth Century Technology and Modern Science. (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Academic Press, 1991.) The history of the scientific investigation and use of the daguerreotype from 1839 to the present.

Daguerre, L.J.M. An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Daguerreotype and Diorama. Introduction by Beaumont Newhall. (New York: Winter House, 1971.) Text in French and English with reproductions of thirty-four daguerreotypes, some found nowhere else.

Gernsheim, Helmut, and Alison. L.J.M. Daguerre: The History of the Diorama and the Daguerreotype. (New York: Dover, 1968.) A reprint of the 1956 London ed.; the only life of Daguerre, with a useful bibliography and many wonderful reproductions.

Gernsheim, Helmut. The Origins of Photography. (London: Thames & Hudson, 1982.) On the calotype and daguerreotype; text for the most part the same as in L.J.M. Daguerre, but with an added chapter on the Italian daguerreotype by Daniela Palazzoli.

Jacob, Michael G. Dagherrotipo a Colori. (Florence: Nardini Editore, 1992.) A study of the colored daguerreotype with many fine illustrations including work by Levi Hill and contemporary Hillotypes by Joseph Boudreau.

Palazzoli, Daniela. Reflections of Life. (New York & Milan: Idea Books, 1989.) A stunning collection of daguerreotypes and Polaroids beautifully reproduced in color and with interesting essay on both processes, includes astounding views of Venice, interior of Egyptian temple, etc.

Palmquist, Peter, ed. The Daguerreian Annual 1990. (Eureka, CA: The Daguerreian Society, 1990.) Wide variety of essays on U.S., European, contemporary daguerreotypes and related matters, including many important previously unpublished historic images.
(We have also made available the Table of Contents for each year of The Daguerreian Annualin our "Society Information" index.)

Richter, Stefan. The Art of the Daguerreotype. (New York & London: Penguin/Viking, 1989.) Magnificent reproductions in color of one of the world's major collections with fine commentary by Richter. A must for all libraries.

Sobieszek, Robert, Ed. The Daguerreotype Process: Three Treatises, 1840-1848. (New York: Arno, 1973.) Reprint of Claudet's Researches: Daguerreotype Process, Fauvel-Gouraud's Description of the Daguerreotype Process, and Humphrey and Finley's System of Photography.

Szilagyi, Gabor. Daguerre: A fenykepezes felfedezese nek tortenete. (Budapest, 1987.) Hungarian study of Daguerre and the daguerreotype with seventy illustrations.

Wood, John, ed. The Daguerreotype: A Sesquicentennial Celebration.(Iowa City: Univ. of Iowa Press, 1989.) Over 100 reproductions of major previously unpublished daguerreotypes with essays on various aspects of the daguerreotype by Ken Appollo, Susan Barger, Janet Buerger, Roy Flukinger, Matthew Isenburg, Ben Maddow, Grant Romer, Alan Trachtenberg, and John Wood.

Wood: The American Daguerreotype

Berman, Elizabeth. Solomon Nunes Carvalho: Painter, Photographer, and Prophet in Nineteenth Century America. (Baltimore: Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, 1989.) Includes essays by Janet Headley, Bernard Fishman, Ross Kelbaugh on Carvalho's gallery, Joan Sturhahn on Carvalho's lost daguerreotypes, and Berman.

Bogardus, Abraham. "The Lost Art of the Daguerreotype." The Century Magazine 68, #1 (May 1904), pp. 83-91. Important article with interesting reproductions.

Bott, Rita Ellen. "Charles R. Meade and his Daguerre Pictures." History of Photography8, #1 (January 1984), pp. 33-40.

Burns, Stanley. Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America. (Altadena, CA: Twelvetrees Press, 1990.) Over half the illustrations are of daguerreotypes, all finely reproduced in color, with a commentary on each, and a chronology of death in America from 1630 to the present.

Calmenson, Wendy. "'Likenesses Taken in the Most Approved Style': William Shew, Pioneer Daguerreotypist." California Historical Quarterly 56, #1 (Spring 1977), pp. 2-19.

Carvalho, Solomon. Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West. (New York: Derby & Jackson, 1857.) Account of Fremont's 1853 expedition by its daguerreotypist.

Circuit Court of the United States, Massachusetts District. In Equity. Simon Wing, Complainant, vs. Charles F. Richardson, Respondent.(Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son, 1864.) There are two volumes to this highly important work, the second of which has the same title but also the words Additional Testimony. The case involved Southworth's patent battle over a device for taking more than one image on a plate; a great many daguerreotypists give testimony which includes information on their backgrounds as well as the workings of the various studios, especially Southworth and Hawes'.

Cobb, Josephine. "Mathew B. Brady's Photographic Gallery in Washington." Reprint from Columbia Historical Society Records (Washington, D.C.), Vol. 5356. A forty page address containing much valuable information, though not primarily about daguerreotypes.

Cohn, Marjorie. "Francis Calley Gray and an Early Boston Daguerreotype." History of Photography 9, #2 (April-June 1985), pp. 155-157. Discussion and reproduction of a daguerreotype of The Old Feather Store made prior to 30 April 1840, thereby possibly pre-dating Bemis' King's Chapel Burying Ground of 19 April 1840.

Davis, Mrs. D.T. "The Daguerreotype in America. McClure's Magazine 8, #12 (November 1896), pp. 2-16. Important article for the early history of the process in the U.S., as well as interesting information on Josiah Hawes and his revivalist daguerreotypes of the 1890s.

Davis, Lynn. Na Pa'i Ki'i: The Photographers in the Hawaiian Islands, 1845-1900. (Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 1980.) Good essay on "The Daguerreotype Mania" and reproductions of eight daguerreotypes, including a remarkably beautiful whole plate of Wailuku River by Strangewald and Goodfellow.

Field, Richard, and Robin Jaffee Frank. American Daguerreotypes from the Matthew R. Isenburg Collection. (New Haven: Yale Univ. Art Gallery, 1989.) One of the great books on the daguerreotype with page after page of major historical and aesthetic treasures; excellent notes by Field and Frank and fine essays by Isenburg and Alan Trachtenberg; a must in all libraries.

Finkel, Kenneth. Nineteenth Century Photography in Philadelphia. (New York: Dover, 1980.) Includes quite a few fine daguerreotypes. Gilbert, George.Photography: The Early Years.(New York: Harper & Row, 1980.) Includes chapter on the daguerreotype with illustrations of daguerreian equipment and some fine Plumbe images.

Hales, Peter. Silver Cities: The Photography of American Urbanization, 1839-1915.(Philadelphia: Temple Univ. Press, 1984.) Reproduces many fine daguerreotypes, including two in panorama format.

Heyman, Therese Thau. Mirror of California. (Oakland: Oakland Museum, 1973.) Includes reproductions of some wonderful Western daguerreotypes.

Horan, James. Mathew Brady: Historian with a Camera. (New York: Crown, 1955.) Reproduces quite a few Brady daguerreotypes.

Hill, Levi. A Treatise on Heliochromy, ed. Wm. B. Becker. (State College, PA: Carnation Press, 1971.) Reprint of the famous and controversial book on color daguerreotypy. (See Boudreau under "Contemporary Daguerreotype".)

Humphrey, S.D. American Hand Book of the Daguerreotype.(New York: Humphrey, 1858.) A classic manual for the making of daguerreotypes.

Johnson, Brooks. The Portrait in America. (Norfolk: Chrysler Museum, 1990.) Seventeen fine color reproductions of daguerreotypes, including self-portrait of Luther Boswell with wife.

Kelbaugh, Ross. "Dawn of the Daguerrean Era in Baltimore, 1839-1849." Maryland Historical Magazine 84 (Summer 1989), pp. 101-118. Excellent well documented article with several reproductions.

Kelbaugh, Ross. Directory of Baltimore Daguerreotypists.(Baltimore: Historic Graphics, 1989.) A well researched, well-done forty-three page listing with much interesting information on many of the daguerreotypists.

Lehr, Janet. Daguerreotypes.(New York: Janet Lehr, Inc., 1987.) Excellent illustrated dealer's catalogue with good notes including a stereo Langenheim daguerreotype, a beautiful ship, a wonderful von Schneidnau of the Chicago Flood of 1849, etc.

Library of Congress. Image of America: Early Photography, 1839-1900. (Washington: Library of Congress, 1957.) Exhibition checklist of 348 images from the collection; catalogue of same name issued with forty-six illustrations and essay by Beaumont Newhall.

Meredith, Roy. Mr. Lincoln's Camera Man: Mathew B. Brady.(New York: Dover, 1974.) Reproduces a few Brady daguerreotypes.

Moore, Charles LeRoy. Two Partners in Boston: The Careers and Daguerreian Artistry of Albert Southworth and Josiah Hawes. (Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, 1975.) The best existing work on S & H, with many illustrations but in Xerox.

Newhall, Beaumont. The Daguerreotype in America. (New York: Dover, 1976.) One of the great standard works and with over one hundred illustrations.

Palmquist, Peter. "The Daguerreotype in San Francisco." History of Photography 4, #3 (July 1980), pp. 207-238. A major essay with many illustrations.

Parke-Bernet Galleries. Rare Photographic Images, Apparatus & Literature: The Collection of Sidney Strober. Sale #68 (February 7, 1970). An important catalogue of a famous sale with some fine daguerreotypes reproduced and an introduction by Josephine Cobb.

Pfister, Harold. Facing the Light: Historic American Portrait Daguerreotypes. (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1978.) An important and classic work that should be in all libraries.

Pierce, Sally. Whipple and Black: Commercial Photographers in Boston. (Boston: Boston Athenaeum, 1987.) A fine study of their work with several daguerreotypes reproduced.

Rinhart, Floyd & Marion. American Daguerreian Art. (New York: Clarkson Potter, 1967.) Includes some daguerreotypes not in The American Daguerreotype.

Rinhart, Floyd & Marion. The American Daguerreotype.(Athens: Univ. of Georgia Press, 1981.) Another of the standards in the field and with an extremely useful listing of many of the known daguerreotypists.

Rinhart, Floyd & Marion. A Reference Guide to the Floyd and Marion Rinhart Collection of Daguerreian Art and Other Rare Photographic Images. n.p.: F.& M. Rinhart, 1972. A detailed catalogue of the collection now housed at Ohio State Univ.

Rinhart, Floyd & Marion. "Wolcott and Johnson; their camera and their photography." History of Photography 1, #2 (April 1977), pp. 129-134. On the work of Wolcott and Johnson and the discovery of an original camera.

Root, Marcus. The Camera and the Pencil. (Pawlet, VT: Helios, 1971.) Reprint of the 1864 ed., an important work for understanding the 19th century photographic aesthetic.

Rudisill, Richard. Mirror Image: The Influence of the Daguerreotype on American Society. (Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Press, 1971.) A model of scholarly research with invaluable annotated bibliography of 159 items (only seven of which appear in this survey), many reproductions; a must for all libraries.

Sandweiss, Martha, Rick Stewart, and Ben Huseman. Eyewitness to War: Prints and Daguerreotypes of the Mexican War, 1846-1848.(Fort Worth & Washington: Amon Carter & Smithsonian, 1989.) A major scholarly study with many reproductions.

Smith, Margaret, and Mary Tucker. Photography in New Orleans: The Early Years, 1840-1865. (Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1982.) Reproduces several daguerreotypes and discusses the New Orleans operators.

Snelling, H.H. A Dictionary of the Photographic Art and E. Anthony,A Comprehensive and Systematic Catalogue of Photographic Apparatus and Material, Manufactured, Imported and Sold by E. Anthony. (New York: Arno, 1979.) Two very important 1854 reprints in a single volume, an excellent technical dictionary and a sales list of daguerreian and photographic materials.

Sobieszek, Robert, and Odette Appell with the research of Charles Moore. The Daguerreotypes of Southworth and Hawes. (New York: Dover, 1980.) A revised reprint of the more finely printed Spirit of Fact(Boston: Godine, 1976). The illustrations are wonderful, but Moore's own book is a better source of information.

Southworth, Albert. "An Address to the National Photographic Association of the U.S." Philadelphia Photographer 8 (October 1871), pp. 315-323. An important historical and aesthetic statement by one of the masters of the art.

Stapp, William, Marion Carson, and M. Susan Barger. Robert Cornelius: Portraits from the Dawn of Photography.(Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1983.) An important historical and scientific study of Cornelius' work with excellent reproductions of his images.

Taft, Robert. Photography and the American Scene. (New York: Dover, 1964.) A reprint of the classic 1938 work, a major study that should be in all libraries.

Taylor, Maureen. "'Nature Caught in the Twinkling of an Eye': The Daguerreotype in Providence." Rhode Island History 42, #4 (November 1983), pp. 110-121. Fine article with good reproductions and list of Providence daguerreotypists.

Weinstein, Robert. "Das Bild der Indianer in der Photographie, 1840-1880." Du, #444 (February 1978), pp. 58-72. Nineteen illustrations including images by Easterly.

Welch, Richard. Sun Pictures in Kalamazoo: A History of Daguerreotype Photography in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1839-1860. (Kalamazoo, 1974.) Thirty-two page illustrated regional history.

Welling, William. Photography in America: The Formative Years, 1839-1900. (New York: Crowell, 1978.) A year by year history with much valuable information and many illustrations.

Whiteley, George S., IV. A Lasting Impression. The Daguerreotype in America.(Atlanta: High Museum, 1989.) Exhibition catalogue with fine essay and eighteen reproductions including a beautiful atypical Niagara Falls in winter, a sleeping cat, and an extraordinary example of a magic background vignetted daguerreotype.

Williams, Jon. "Daguerreotypists, Ambrotypists an Photographers in Wilmington, Delaware, 1842-1859 Delaware History 18, #3 (Spring-Summer 1979), pp. 180-193. Includes census of twenty-four photographers.

Wilson, Bonnie. "Working the Light: Nineteenth-Century Professional Photographers in Minnesota." Minnesota History52, #2 (Summer 1990), pp. 42-60. Includes information on daguerreotypists Sarah Judd, John Monell, Talmadge Elwell, Olive Goodwin, and Joel Whitney.

Wood, John, ed. America and the Daguerreotype. (Iowa City: Univ. of Iowa Press, 1991.) Over one hundred important and previously unpublished daguerreotypes presenting the social life of the U.S. from 1840-1860, with essays by John Graf, Brooks Johnson, Dolores Kilgo, Peter Palmquist, David Stannard, John Stilgoe, Jeanne Verhulst, and John Wood; also treats the contemporary daguerreotype.

Wood, R. Derek. The Arrival of the Daguerreotype in New York (New York: The American Photographic Historical Society, 1994) A well-documented study of Gouraud, Seager, and the introduction of the daguerreotype into America.

Wright, Bonnie. "'This Perpetual Shadow-Taking': The Lively Art of John Fitzgibbon." Missouri Historical Review 76 (October 1981), pp. 22-30.

Wood: The French Daguerreotype

Adamson, Keith I.P. "1839-The Year of Daguerre." History of Photography 13, #3 (July-September 1989), pp. 191-202. An amazingly well-documented, thoroughly researched delineation of the events from Arago's 7 Jan announcement to Gouraud's November arrival in New York.

Bibliotheque Nationale. Daguerre et les premiers daguerreotypes francais. (Paris, 1961.) Contains a short introduction by Jean Adhemar and Beaumont Newhall. No illustrations, but valuable information and descriptions of images in the exhibition.

Buerger, Janet. French Daguerreotypes. (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1989.) A major work on the daguerreotype filled with wonderful illustrations and a brilliant concluding chapter which deserves the attention of all photographic historians.

Chereau, Bernard, Jacques Py, and Jean Bergeret. E. Bacot, A de Brebisson, A. Humbert de Molard: Trois photographes en Basse-Normandie au X1Xe siecle.(Caen: Ardi, 1989.) Beautiful book with incredible Humbert de Molard daguerreotypes, most previously unpublished; most amazing is a beautiful, painterly sick bed scene that anticipates and surpasses Robinson's "Fading Away"; also interesting is a variant of an image in Richter's Art of the Daguerreotype.

de Decker Heftler, Sylviane. "Etude: Le Nu en France au XIXe Siecle." Photographies #6 (December 1984), pp. 48-75. Excellent well-documented essay with eleven daguerreotypes reproduced.

Dieuzaide, Jean. Daguerreotypes et calotypes dans la region.(Toulouse: Galerie Municipale du Chateau d'Eau, 1989.) Excellent exhibition catalogue with twelve daguerreotypes reproduced including three great scenes.

Frizot, Michel, et al. 1839 La Photographie Revelee. (Paris: Centre National de la Photographie et Archives Nationales, 1989.) Exhibition catalogue with excellent illustrations and discussion of Daguerre and the other inventors.

Gimon, Gilbert. "Jules Itier, Daguerreotypist." History of Photography 5, #3 (July 1981),225-244. A major article of great importance. Also see Brochet in section V.

Heilbrun, Francoise, and Philippe Neagu. Musee d'Orsay: Chefs-d'oeuvre de la collection photographique. (Paris: Philippe Sers, 1986.) A stunning book with twenty-two daguerreotypes, including previously unpublished works of Baron Gros, Itier, Humbert de Molard, Millet, Feuardent, etc.

Kravets, T.P., ed. Dokumnety po istoii izobreteniia fotografi. (New York; Arno, 1979.) Reprint of the 1949 Moscow edition of "documents on the history of photography" recording the correspondence of Niepce and Daguerre preserved in the Soviet Union; text in French and Russian.

Lobioy, Martine. Les Miroirs qui se souviennent.- Daguerreotypes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui et autres procedes photographiques.(Cormeilles-en-Parisis: Syros, 1987.) Catalogue from an exhibition in honor of the bicentennial of Daguerre's birth with twenty-seven daguerreotypes, including nine by Daguerre, three in color by contemporary daguerreotypist Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Grand, etc.; an important work.

Mentienne, Adrien. La Decouverte de la photographic en 1839. (New York: Arno, 1979.) Reprint of the 1892 edition of documents dealing with the invention of photography.

Morand, Sylvain, and Christian Kempf. Le Temps Suspendu: Le daguerreotype en Alsace au XIXe siecle. (Strasbourg: Editions Oberlin, 1989.) A beautiful book illustrating 117 daguerreotypes (fifty-four in color), portraits and wonderful scenes; excellent essay and fine, useful bibliography.

Nazarieff, Serge. Le Nu Stereoscopique. (Paris: Filipacchi, 1985.) Reproduces over seventy stereoscopic daguerreotypes.

Reynaud, Francoise. Paris et le Daguerreotype. (Paris: Paris Musees, 1989.) Probably the single greatest of all books on the daguerreotype, a lavish, brilliant production and a must for all students of the daguerreotype; excellent color reproductions of some of the most wonderful of daguerreotypes, fine scholarly notes, extremely important bibliography, and essays by Susan Barger, Jean-Louis Bigourdan, Anne Cartier-Bresson, Ida Haugsted, Shelley Rice, Grant Romer, and Reynaud; an artistic and scholarly monument.

Scheid, Uwe. Akademien: Erotik & Pornographie in der Daguerreotypie.(Uberherm/Saar: Kabinett, 1991.) A note and 30 magnificent color illustrations in a book shaped like a sixth plate case.

Wick, Rainer, ed. Die Erotische Daguerreotypie: Samm1ung Uwe Scheid. (Weingarten, 1989.) Over one hundred fine color reproductions of erotic daguerreotypes from the collection of Uwe Scheid, with an important essay by Grant Romer; a major work and quite beautiful.

Wood: The German and Austrian Daguerreotype

Cornwall, James. Die Fruhzeit der Photographie in Deutschland, 1839-1869.(Herrsching/Ammersee: Verlag fur Wirtschaft und Industrie, 1979.) A study of early German photography with many illustrations.

von Dewitz, Bodo, and Fritz Kempe. Daguerreotypien.(Hamburg: Museum fur Kunst and Gewerbe, 1983.) A well-illustrated catalogue of one of the great public collections, many Stelzner and Biow images.

von Dewitz, Bodo, and Reinhard Matz. Silber und Sa1z: Zur Fruhzeit der Photographie im deutschen Sprachraum 1839-1860. (Koln: Edition Braus, 1989.) One of the finest of books on the daguerreotype and early photography, with many fine color illustrations and English summaries; also includes some "unusual" erotica.

Frank, Hans. Vom Zauber alter Licht-Bilder: Fruhe Photographie in Osterreich, 1840-1860.(Vienna: Molden Edition, 1981.) The standard history of early photography in Austria, with many illustrations and a seventeen page listing of Austrian photographers of the 'forties and 'fifties. This book is difficult enough to locate, but it includes a bibliography with several highly intriguing but impossible (?) to locate histories from Poland, Yugoslavia, etc. Frank does have a short eight page essay on early Austrian photography in the standard Geschichte der Fotografie in Osterreich (Bad Ischl, 1983), and there are several fine reproductions of daguerreotypes.

Geiges, Leif. T Schneider & Sohne 1847-1921. (Freiburg: Schillinger, 1989.) One of the most stunningly beautiful of books on the daguerreotype, with many excellent color reproductions including sixty-one fabulous stereo daguerreotypes mainly out of doors from Germany and Russia; fine daguerreian equipment and coloring set also illustrated; a most important major study.

Hoerner, Ludwig. Photographie und Photographen in Hannover und Hildesheim. (Hannover, 1989.) History of photography in Hannover and Hildesheim from 1839-1920.

Hoerner, Ludwig. "Photohistorica Gottingensis." History of Photography 6, #1 (January 1982), pp. 59-75. Important article dealing with the daguerreotype in Gottingen, fourteen daguerreotypes by Philipp Petri reproduced, excellent bibliography.

Jakob, Volker. Menschen in Silberspiegel: Die Anfange der Fotografie in Westfalen.(Greven: Eggenkamp Verlag, 1989.) A history of early photography in Westphalia with many daguerreotypes illustrated.

Kempe, Fritz. Daguerreotypie in Deutschland. (Seebruck: Herring Verlag, 1979.) The standard book on the German daguerreotype, a major study with many fine illustrations; a must for all serious students of the daguerreotype.

Kunstreich, Jan. Fruhe Photographen in Schleswig-Holstein. (Heide in Holstein: Kleine Schleswig-Holstein-Bucher, 1895.) History of photography in Schleswig-Holstein with illustrations of J.W. Pero daguerreotypes.

Siener, Joachim. Die Photographie und Stuttgart, 1839-1900. (Stuttgart, 1989.) Catalogue of an exhibition on the development of photography in Stuttgart.

Sobieszek, Robert, ed. The Daguerreotype in Germany.(New York: Arno, 1979.) A reprint of two important early works: Wilhelm Dost's Die Daguerreotypie in Berlin, 1839-1860 (1922) and Wilhelm Weimar's Die Daguerreotypie in Hamburg, 1839-1860 (1915), as well as Cephir's short Daguerreotypen-Krieg in Hamburg (1843).

Stenger, Erich. Die Photographie in Munchen, 1839-1860. (Berlin, 1939.) Another important early study.

Wood: The Daguerreotype in Other Countries

(Including a new listing of Argentine literature on the daguerreotype...with thanks to Miguel Cuarterolo)

Alexander, Abel. Daguerrotipos en la Plaza de Mayo. Catalogue of the exhibition at Banco Nacion June-July 1988. Description of 137 daguerreotypes from museums and private collections. 22 p 10 illust. Buenos Aires, 1988

Alexander, Abel. Las primeras exposiciones de daguerreotipos en la Argentina. (Buenos Aires: offprint from Boletin el Instituto Bonaerense de Numismatica y Antiguedades, 1989.) History of exhibitions of Argentinean daguerreotypes since 1845.

Alexander, Abel, and Juan Gomez. Museo Pompeano: 3ra. exposicion nacional de daguerrotipos, ambrotipos, y melanotipos. (Chascomus: Museo Pampeano, 1986.) Brochure with four illustrations.

Banco de la Nacion Argentina. Daguerreatipos en la Plaza de Mayo. n.p.; (Banco de la Nacion, 1988.) Catalogue of an exhibition with three illustrations.

Brandi, Hilda & Gomez, Juan. 3º Exposición Nacional de daguerrotipos, ambrotipos y melanotipos. Catalogue of the exhibition at Museo Pampeano Oct-Nov 1986. 8 p 5 illust. Dirección de Cultura, Chascomús, 1986

Cuarterolo, Miguel Angel and Jeremy Adelman. Los años del daguerrotipo, primeras fotografías argentinas 1843-1870. Biography and analysis of the work of first daguerreotypists active in Argentina. Compilation of images from Museo Historico Nacional & Enrique Udaondo museum in Lujan, 107 p, 60 color illust. Text in English and Spanish. Fundación Antorchas, Buenos Aires 1995. A preview of the book is available on the web.

Cuarterolo, Miguel & Casaballe, Amado. Imágenes del Rio de la Plata, crónica de la fotografía rioplatense 1840-1940. Covers the work of native & non-native photographers working in the Rio de la Plata area 1840-1940, Appendices, includes glossary & biographies. 95 p, full illust. 2º Edición Buenos Aires, 1985.

Cuarterolo, Miguel & Petrina, Alberto. Fotos Antes de las Fotos, daguerrotipos en el sur de América. Catalogue of the exhibition at the Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Aug-Sept 1996. 24 p. 65 illust. Description of over 500 daguerreotypes from private and public collections. Foto Club Buenos Aires, 1996.

Gesualdo, Vicente. Historia de la Fotografia en América, desde Alaska hasta Tierra del Fuego.Overview of the history of photography in all the americans countries. Biographies of the most famous daguerreotypists active in Latin America. 312 p. fully illust. Editorial Sui Generis, Buenos Aires, 1990

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Julio, F. Riobó. La Daguerrotipia y los daguerrotipos, crónica de un coleccionista. First history of daguerrotypes in Argentina written by the first photohistorian and collector in this nation. Buenos Aires 1949, 50 p illus.

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(End of new listing of Argentine titles)

Barchatova, Yelena. A Portrait of Tsarist Russia: Unknown Photographs from the Soviet Archives. (New York: Pantheon, 1989.) Though not exclusively about the daguerreotype, sixteen of these extremely rare images are reproduced along with information on the Russian daguerreotype.

Bechetti, Piero, and Carlo Pietrangeli. Roma in Dagherrotipia. (Rome: Edizioni Quasar, 1979.) One of the great books on the daguerreotype, with page after page of treasures, including one of the greatest of scenic daguerreotypes, Lorenzo Suscipj's view of the Piazza del Popolo.

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Constantini, Paolo, and Italio Zannier. I Dagherrotipi della Collezione Ruskin. (Florence & Venice: Alinari & Arsenale, 1986.) Reproduces over one hundred daguerreotypes of Italy and Switzerland from the collection of nineteenth century art critic John Ruskin.

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Perret, Rene. Frappante Aehnlichkeit. (Brugy: BEA, 1991.) Beautiful book on early Swiss photography with some of the best daguerreotype reproductions I've ever seen.

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Wood: The Contemporary Daguerreotype

Aletti. "Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Grand/Irving Pobboravsky." The Village Voice 34, #4 (January 24, 1989). Review of exhibition at Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery; Pobboravsky described as a "classicist" with "sublimely pared-down" work.

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[Bailly-Maitre-Grand, Patrick.] See Lobjoy under "The French Daguerreotype." Information on B-M-G and reproductions.

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Forti, Giulio. "Dagherrotipia: Sorrida Almeno 40 Secondi." Fotografare Novita 6, #1 (Gennaio 1977), pp. 70-73, 86. Important interview with Irving Pobboravsky and four reproductions of his daguerreotypes.

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Verhulst, Jeanne. "The Contemporary Daguerreotype." (See Wood under "The American Daguerreotype."), major essay with reproductions of daguerreotypes by Thomas Davies, Gerard Meegan, Kenneth Nelson, Irving Pobboravsky, Grant Romer, Robert Shlaer, Thomas Young, and Harvey Zucker.

Verhulst, Jeanne. "One Hundred and Fifty Years After Daguerre: A Look at Contemporary Daguerreotypy." Image 32, #24 (December 1989), pp. 20-31. Excellent essay with fourteen reproductions of daguerreotypes by Bailly-Maitre-Grand, Davies, Nelson, Pobboravsky, Romer, Shlaer, Young, and Zucker.

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Wills, Canfield & Deirdre. History of Photography. (London: Hamlyn, 1980.) Reproduces some of Shaw's contemporary "fakes" features in the case of the Queen vs. Shaw at Manchester Crown Court in June 1979.

Wood: Collections of Images and Assorted Topics

Apraxine, Pierre. Photographs from the Collection of the Gilman Paper Company. (New York: White Oak Press, 1985.) The most beautiful and expensive such book ever produced, with tipped in reproductions by Richard Benson including 23 daguerreotypes, a series of a sun eclipse and a mammoth plate by the Langenheims, a signed Morse, etc., excellent notes.

Bernard, Bruce. Photodiscovery: Masterworks of Photography, 1840-1940. (New York: Abrams, 1980.) Among the seventeen daguerreotypes reproduced in this stunning volume are what are arguably the greatest of occupational daguerreotypes, the greatest of landscapes, the greatest of postmortems, and several very great erotic ones.

Bertelli, Carlo. The Pioneers of Photography, 1840-1900: The Robert Lebeck Collection. (New York & Milan: Idea Books, 1988.) Beautiful book with handsome reproductions of some thirty daguerreotypes; though the same images appear in the more comprehensive Reinke & Stemmer volume, the reproductions here are finer.

Borcoman, James. Intimate Images. (Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1988.) A catalogue of an exhibition mainly of German daguerreotypes including a beautiful, previously unpublished Biewend, but also a self-portrait of Jabez Hogg playing chess, and eleven others; fine essay by Borcoman.

Buckland, Gail. First Photographs: People, Places, and Phenomena Captured for the First Time by the Camera. (New York: Macmillan, 1980.) Reproduces many fine daguerreotypes, the majority not seen elsewhere.

Cameron, John B., and Wm.B. Becker. Photography's Beginnings: A Visual History.(Rochester, MI: Oakland Univ., 1989.) A beautiful book with many fine daguerreotypes in color, excellent notes on the images, and sensitive essays by Cameron and Becker and with an Introduction by Heinz Henisch.

Droscher, Elke. Kindheit im Silberspiegel. (Dortmund: Harenberg, 1983.) Beautiful little book with eighty fine color reproductions of daguerreotypes of children.

Hough, Robert. Forty Daguerreotypes from the Bokelberg Collection. (Edinburgh: Scottish Arts Council, 1980.) An amazing collection!

Johnson, Robert, and Robert Shimshak. The Power of Light: Daguerreotypes from the Robert Harshorn Shimshak Collection.(San Francisco: Fine Arts Museum, 1986.) Reproduces twenty-four daguerreotypes including a wonderful Plumbe of a church.

Koetzle, Michael, and Uschi Birr. Hunde vor der Kamera.(Weingarten, 1989.) Another book illustrating the great collection of Uwe Scheid, this one devoted to photographs of dogs, including twenty-two daguerreotypes, many in color.

Maddow, Ben. Faces: A Narrative History of the Portrait in Photography. (Boston: New York Graphic Society, 1977.) Includes an outstanding discussion of the daguerreotype by the most eloquent of all photohistorians.

Reinke, Jutta, and Wolfgang Stemmer. Pioniere der Kamera: Das Erste Jahrhundert der Fotografie, 1840-1900. Die Sammulng Robert Lebeck.(Bremen: Fotoforum Bremenm 1987.) Amazing collection with over eighty reproductions of daguerreotypes, many in color, including several views of Rome and a whole plate of the harbor at Sete by Certes and a whole plate of General Wool by Southworth and Hawes.

Spira, S.F. "Daguerreotypes as a Selling Tool." History of Photography 3, #4 (October 1979), p. 378. Short note with reproductions of six daguerreotypes of clocks.

Wood: Daguerreian Case Art

McClinton, K. Handbook of Popular Antiques (New York: Random House, 1946.) A short review of some thermoplastic cases and a brief historical description of some of the known casemakers.

Rinhart, Floyd & Marion. American Miniature Case Art(New York: A. S. Barnes & Co., 1969.) Excellent historical review of thermoplastic and non-thermoplastic casemakers and the case manufacturing processes. Many cases illustrated but limited to known cases of that time.

Rinhart, Floyd & Marion. The American Daguerreotype(Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1981.) The Rinhart's, in Chapter 11, expand their discussion of case manufacturing history. Includes some cases not illustrated in the 1969 title. Krainik, Clifford & Michele, and Carl Walvoord.

Union Cases, A Collector's Guide to the Art of America's First Plastics. (Grantsburg: Centennial Photo Service, 1988.) Thorough and exhaustive research regarding the origin of many case designs. Reproduces nearly all known case designs (at the time.)

Berg, Paul. Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames. (Huntington Beach: Huntington Valley Press, 1995.) The most complete illustrated book to-date of thermoplastic and non-thermoplastic cases, wall frames and collar boxes. Many illustrated for the first time.

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