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The Daguerreian Annual 1997 (softcover)

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The official yearbook of the Daguerreian Society for 1997. Price includes shipping in the USA. For international orders, contact for a quote. TABLE OF CONTENTS Expression: The Soul Of The Daguerreotype — Charles LeRoy Moore A Daguerreotype and History by the "Carlos De Forest Fredricks & Ca." Studio — Carlos G. Vertanessian In Praise of Scratched Daguerreotypes: Portraits of the Whitridge Brothers — Rebecca Norris John Smith and England's Union Cases: A Resumé of Recent Researches — John Hannavy Samuel D. Humphrey, Journalist-Photographer: A New Perspective On His Contributions To American Photography — Jane Rohrschneider The American Volunteer Fireman and the Daguerreotype — Michael J. Novak "American Characteristics: The Daguerreotypist" — Timothy Shay Arthur A Preponderance of Evidence: The 1852 Omaha Indian Delegation Daguerreotypes Recovered — Joanna Cohan Scherer The Daguerreotype and John Dillwyn Llewelyn (1810—1882) — Richard Morris Color and the Daguerreotype: "The Great Problem is Fairly Solved..." — Michael G. Jacob "The Rise and Fall of the Daguerreotype" — William H. Sherman The Growth of Daguerreotype Image Particles, The Movie — Joe T. Pollock and David Mahesh The Forgotten Leather and Paper Daguerreotype Case: Its Die Engravers and Manufacturers — Paul K. Berg, M.D. Complete Table of Contents:

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