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The Daguerreian Annual 1996 (softcover)

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The official yearbook of the Daguerreian Society for 1996. Price includes shipping in the USA. For international orders, contact for a quote. TABLE OF CONTENTS Otis H. Cooley: Possible Photographer of the Only Known Photograph of Emily Dickinson — John R. Felix Vignetted Daguerreotypes: The Evolution of an Art — Michael G. Jacob A Window on the Manhattan Metropolis: The Chatham Square Daguerreotype — Arthur Krim Fancy Daguerreian Cases — Paul K. Berg United States Patents Related to the Practice of Daguerreotypy — M. Susan Barger Heliography: The Photographic Process Invented By Nicéphore Niépce Before His Association With Daguerre. New Light on the Invention of Photography. — Jean-Louis Marignier Sketches of Paris — Translated from the French by Sarah Howitt Daguerreotype Portrait — Kayla Pobboravsky "It Was I Who Took the First" An Investigation Into Professor Robert Taft's Assessment of Whether Dr. John William Draper Took the First Portrait — Howard R. McManus Copying Methods — John A. Tennant Rare Image Of Childhood — Joan Murray State of the Art: A Chronology of the Daguerreotype in the Twentieth Century — Christopher Mahoney "M.B. Brady, Casemaker, N.Y." — James Wentworth Szymanski The Charlie Schreiner Daguerreotype Saloon and Image Parlor — Charlie Schreiner Daguerreian Treasures at the Smithsonian Institution — Howard R. McManus A Thrilling Desire For Accidental Success — Kenneth E. Nelson Faces of Freedom: Portraits from the American Colonization Society Collection — Carol Johnson Complete Table of Contents:

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