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Latest Daguerreian Annual Celebrates 19th-Century Photography

April 09, 2024 8:32 PM | Ron Coddington (Administrator)

The latest edition of the official yearbook of The Daguerreian Society has been published. The 280-page book includes a range of studies that reveal the artistry, technology and cultural impacts of 19th-century photography.

Editor Stephen Perloff and Assistant Editor Sarah Weatherwax note, "The editors would like to thank the authors for all their contributions to this year’s Annual and to the Publication Committee for all their help in shepherding this publication along from its inception to its final printing."

The book includes 13 feature stories and a portfolio section with four more stories, each focused on single images.

  • "Cardomania Comes to America: Utility, Social Media, and Artistry in the 1850s and 1860s" by Ronald S. Coddington
  • "A Shared Journey: The Photographs of Leavitt Hunt and Nathan Baker" by David R. Hanlon
  • "'Imperceptible Objects Reproduced in all their Details': the Journal des Jeunes Personnes Announces Daguerre’s 'Opérations'” by Karin J. Bohleke
  • "New Jersey’s First Female Daguerreotypist: Charlotte Prosch and Her Family" by Gary D. Saretzky
  • "What Causes Ephemeral Colors in Daguerreotypes" by John R. Hurlock
  • "Art and Soul: Southworth & Hawes, Reconsidered in the (Heavenly) Light of New Documentary Evidence" by Jeanne Schinto
  • “'...on Broadway': New York City emerges as a center of photography" by Kenneth E. Nelson and Jeremy Rowe
  • "Traveling Photographers in 19th-Century America" by Carl Mautz
  • "The First Private Photographic Trip to the Grand Canyon: E. O. Beaman Betrayed 'In a Lonly Country'” by Joe Bauman
  • "Further Excursions: A Beaman Portfolio" by Joe Bauman
  • "Colgate Confesses! The Spirited College Portraits of William Hoyt Colgate" by Wm. B. Becker
  • "John Plumbe, Jr.: Innovative Daguerreian Printmaker" by Cliff Krainik
  • “'Mrs. Genung and Miss Cary, Artists of Established Merit': Two Pioneering California Photographers" by Sean William Nolan
  • Portfolio: "South Carolina Gentry" by Ken Habeeb
  • Portfolio: "A Man Displaying the French Fourierist Newspaper, La Démocratie pacifique" by Wm. B. Becker
  • Portfolio: "Martha T. Mitchell" by Robert W. Caldwell
  • Portfolio: "Love Unremitting, Emotions Unrelenting by Philippe Maurice

The Daguerreian Annual encourages submissions of new research and criticism in the field of 19th-century photography. Authors are responsible for providing publication-quality images, together with permissions from the appropriate owners or rights managers to publish those images in print and in future digital distributions. The Editorial staff selects and reviews submitted materials in conjunction with members of the Publications Committee of The Daguerreian Society.

Before submitting an article, authors are advised to send a brief inquiry describing their topic, approach, anticipated length of text, and supporting images. Send your submission to Sarah Weatherwax.

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